What is the way to initiate and pursue design and developmental work on your biomass conversion line?

Please contact us through this website. Then we will discuss with you (either by phone or online via Internet) your requirements and what we can do to meet them. If necessary, our group of experts visits the equipment installation site to evaluate premises and facilities, operating conditions, availability and status of the equipment which is about to create interface with our plant. Next we initiate the design activities to develop custom-made, consumer-specific biomass conversion line focused on your requirements.

Design stage

Within one or two days since all data about equipment installation site has been gathered you can get access to following information:

- A proposal (quotation) for implementation of the project;

- Provisional equipment layout plan and provisional foundation plan;

- The contract for supply of biomass conversion equipment;

- Process unit cost and mode of payment;

- Time it takes us to manufacture the process unit. As an option, we can provide a relevant documentation package developed with a leasing company in mind – in case you prefer such a financing option for the project.

Once the above issues are settled and the agreed scope of work is prepaid, we proceed to the project implementation.

Manufacturing stage

It takes us about one and half to three months to manufacture the biomass conversion equipment, dependent on its configuration.

Our company is the first-hand manufacturer of the equipment. That is, we produce ourselves the bodies, frames, machine work tools and devices, and perform assembly of the electrical equipment control cabinets and power cabinets.

Cumulative experience of our staff is best expressed and illustrated with the excellence of more than dozen of process units currently run in biomass conversion industry all over Ukraine.

Erection and installation stage

The erection and installation of the process plant is performed by the Customer’s human resources, using his machinery; however, the activities are guided by our experts – this is referred to as supervision installation.

Once we obtain your formal letter of preparedness for erection and installation, our experts are mobilized to arrive at the project site. The equipment installation itself takes up about a week. Electrical equipment is normally to be installed by the Customer.

Start-up and commissioning stage

Commissioning is the final stage of our work. Our experts will run the equipment idle, to diagnose it and identify potential defects and shortcomings. A breaking-in period starts, which is to run equipment light-load; in parallel, personnel training will be provided. Prior to bringing the equipment to its rated capacity, it will be tested for at least 200 hours; then the equipment enters into service, and warranty period comes into effect.