Our services

ALFA-TECH KHARKOV LLC renders a number of services in materials processing industry

1. Exploratory design services

  • ? Pelleting process for any raw material – R&D work;
  • Specifying qualitative indicators, identifying fields of application and marketing opportunities for finished product.

2. Manufacturing engineering activities

  • Site visits, primary design data acquisition;
  • Engineering work to define equipment layout and configuration options for further coordination with the customer;
  • Engineering design and technical documentation development.

3. Production

  • Manufacturing of the basic equipment i.e. biomass pelleting plant (conditioning unit, pelleter, cooler and sorting unit;
  • Selection and manufacturing of accessory equipment meant for both raw material pretreatment (drying, disintegration) and finished product packaging;
  • Installation activities, including supervision installation;
  • Pre-commissioning.

4. Maintenance and post-warranty services

  • Process procedure development;
  • Personnel training;
  • Repair and spare parts supply.

5. Marketing activities

  • Market research to find consumers of the finished product.