About Us


ALFA-TECH KHARKOV LLC is a manufacturing company which specializes in manufacture of equipment to prepare granulated product including bio fuel, compound animal feedstuff, etc. as well as bricks.

The equipment manufactured by our plant can produce pellets, bricks using almost all type of biomass including sunflower bagasse, lightwood and hardwood, extraction and solvent cakes, peat, straw, corn by-products, vine pruning waste, grain storage, elevator by-products, bulrush, grass, poultry droppings, etc.

We produce not only equipment systems to prepare solid bio fuel but also pelletizing machines (pelleters), cooling units, conveyors, storage bins, hoppers, screw feeders, etc. as well as pelleters spare parts including (former blocks, rolling elements, shells, gear wheels, wheel pairs). Optionally, we manufacture sub-standard customer-designed equipment, and build up a complete set of processing line equipment individually for the specific client.

Typically, our package of service includes after-sale service and post-warranty service of equipment, erection supervision work and installation and startup work, customer’s equipment maintenance personnel education and training, lifecycle maintenance and support of the equipment, parts delivery, equipment adjusting.

Our partners are currently carrying on their successful business in Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Serbia.